About us

An innovation infrastructure for ideas in the vast areas of Cannabis pharmaceuticals

who we Are

CannaMore is in a unique and advantageous position in the Cannabis pharmaceutical fields with strong and strategic partners who allow it to be an innovation infrastructure for multiple ideas in a wide range of Cannabis Drug development

Out strategic partner and shareholder

Out strategic partner and shareholder, the TTO of Clalit allows the company to enjoy:

  • Close proximity to leading research
  • Access to leading clinical centers
  • Direct and Immediate collaboration with leading KOLs and physicians
  • An insider’s look into one of Israel’s leading innovation
  • IP generation centers

Clalit in a glance:

  • Over 4.7 M members
  • 14 full scale operating  hospitals specializing in all fields of medicine
  • Over 2,000 community clinics
  • Over 11,000 employed physicians